Welcome, I am starting the Bard lab website! I am including some notes on how I built the website, both for my own references and to hopefully help other people who want to copy this template.

I did my postdoc with Allan Drummond, so my first instinct was to copy his website. However, the bones of the Drummond Lab website were built with jekeyl-bootstrap, a project that is no longer actively developed. Meanwhile, the Bedford Lab website, which was the original inspiration for the Drummond Lab website, was upgraded to Bootstrap 4. I therefore decided to start with that as my template.

To host the website on github pages (which will allow for automatic version control), I created an organization in github with my personal github as the owner. I first made a fork of Trevor’s github, which he generously has kept available under the MIT license. Following github pages instructions, I named my project jbardlab.github.io.

I downloaded a clone of the github to my computer, and then removed all of the Bedford Lab specific content. I liked the bottom navbar from the Drummond lab website, so I copied that over from the Drummond Lab default lab template. Then I used chatGPT to update the navbar to Bootstrap 4.6 standards, and cleaned up the layout templates a little by separating out the pieces into separate html files in the _includes folder.

I was getting a bunch of warnings about division operations in bootstrap scss files. In order to fix them, I redownloaded bootstrap source files.

I modified the papers page and format to be a hybrid of the Bedford lab and Drummond lab style.

I borrowed the research template from Premal Shah.